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How Generational Capital Markets helped Dick Richardson sell his business

As someone who dedicated his career to the study of leadership and imparting this to many executives worldwide, Dick Richardson understood the value of highly-trained people and a quality process in getting his message across. When he reached out to our team at Generational, he recognized those components immediately.

Placed on a tighter-than-anticipated deadline due to COVID-19, our M&A advisors’ guidance and presence was a constant source of reassurance for Dick and his team. Together, we helped his company secure over 40 NDAs from interested parties, giving Dick the choice and guidance he needed to find the optimal buyer. If you’re considering what’s next for your business, or need advice on how to secure the best possible buyer, speak to our Senior Business Advisors today.

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What I saw with Generational was that they had really high-quality people. The materials that they gave me showed that they had done their research and knew what they were talking about.

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