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Healthcare Introduction

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Over the past few years, the healthcare & life sciences industry has been one of the most active M&A segments in our portfolio of deals. Being able to understand the intricate dynamics of these transactions is key to our success. As you will see from our team and a sampling of our tombstones below, we have experience in multiple sub-sectors in this diverse industry.

M&A Professionals

Meet the members of our team.

Tom Staszak

Tom Staszak

Sr. Managing Director Mergers & Acquisitions

Tom Staszak is leader of the Educational and Healthcare Group at Generational and Sr. Managing Director of Generational Capital Markets, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC., an affiliate of Generational Equity, LLC. Since 1998, Tom has represented middle market entrepreneurs in the valuation and sale of their privately-held businesses.

Our M&A healthcare & life sciences practice includes the following professionals:

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