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Generational Group Surpasses $6 Billion in Wealth Transferred to Clients

By Generational Group

6 Billion Generational Group

We are pleased to announce that Generational Group recently surpassed a major M&A milestone, having now transferred over $6 billion in wealth to its clients.

“Reaching the $6 billion mark is a testament to the skill and dedication of our M&A professionals. This is a significant achievement, not only for our team, but more importantly for the business owners we’re proud to represent,” said Brenen Hofstadter, Chief M&A Officer with Generational.

He adds, “Most clients have the majority of their net worth tied up in their business – this wealth transfer represents a shift from illiquid business ownership to diversified portfolios reducing risk. This opens up new personal, professional and investment opportunities for our clients and their families.”

Generational guides business owners through the entire M&A process, from valuation and growth consulting to an exit strategy, with an entire suite of M&A services, including wealth management. Paired with a professional advisory team, Generational assists their clients throughout their entire journey with customized strategies to achieve their individual financial goals and timing.

“We strive to make a genuine difference in the lives of our clients, and this achievement is a tangible demonstration of that. It’s very gratifying to play a major role in helping our clients attain their financial goals and help create the legacy they have worked so hard to build,” said Ryan Binkley, President and CEO of Generational Group. “I thank everyone on our entire team for their contribution in achieving this milestone.”