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Generational Equity is pleased to announce its Entry into the U.K. M&A Market

By Generational Equity

Oct 6, 2015, 04:00 et


Generational Equity, a leading mergers and acquisitions advisor for privately-held, middle-market businesses, is pleased to announce that on October 13, 2015, it will hold an educational exit planning/M&A conference in London. 

This conference will be similar to the ones it conducts in North America; however, the information provided will be pertinent to entrepreneurs interested in developing exit plans located in the U.K. 

Generational Equity, long the leading M&A advisory firm for lower middle-market companies in North America, is entering the U.K. market because for several years professional buyers in our database have been asking us to bring them European based companies, especially those located in the U.K. 

According to Tom Farrell, Executive Vice President with Generational Equity, "The interest North American based buyers have in U.K. based companies, is unprecedented right now."

"We have over 34,000 registered buyers in our database, many of whom are telling us how excited they are that we are going to be adding to our deal book via U.K. based businesses."

Ryan Binkley, President of Generational Equity adds, "The similarities in language, business law, and corporate environments make this a real win-win for both our firm and our potential clients located in the U.K. We are quite excited to bring our long history of successful dealmaking in North America to the U.K. market."

To learn more about our London seminar on October 13th, please call us at +44 20 3300 0113 or visit our U.K. website at

About Generational Equity

Generational Equity provides mergers, acquisitions, strategic growth advisory services, and information for privately held and family-owned businesses to exit their companies successfully.

Generational Equity uses a four-phase approach that includes education, financial analysis and reporting, sales documentation and deal-making ability to offer business owners an unparalleled level of commitment and experience, all focused on helping to release the generational equity and wealth in every business. 

Generational Equity is headquartered in Dallas, TX, has more than 200 professionals in North America, and was recently recognized by the M&A Advisor as the Valuation Firm of the Year.

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