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Meal Tracker Dietary Software From Buffalo to Belize

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How Generational Capital Markets helped bobby & stacy evans sell their business

Bobby and Stacy Evans always loved to travel, particularly during the harsh winters in their hometown of Buffalo, New York, when they would quit town for their beloved Belize. With the passing of time, Bobby & Stacy realized that they would rather have the freedom to trade the banks of Lake Erie for the Caribbean coast any time they felt like it. Software expert Bobby recognized that they needed expertise of a very different kind to achieve the optimal transaction for his company. That’s why they turned to Generational Capital Markets to guide them through a successful exit.

Bobby freely admits that, without the experience and expertise of Generational Capital Markets’s skilled M&A advisors, he and Stacy would never have received the value for their company that has allowed them to enjoy a life filled with travel and the pursuit of pastimes. If you’re considering your business exit plans, or just want to discuss what the next step is for your company, reach out to our Senior Business Advisors to find out how we can help.

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If you’ve not been through the merger and acquisition process, believe me, you need help. And no, I do not believe that my deal would have happened without the help of Generational Capital Markets.

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